Nicole and Joseph,

I would never have believed that you never wanted to see me or granny and pa. Until I came to see you and you told me. When you would not hug me and said you never wanted to see me or talk to me again. I always thought we were close to each other. Maybe someday you will want to talk to me and I am always going to be here for you unless I die. When I was a young person we always told each other we loved the other all the time. I still tell granny and pa I love them every time we talk. I did not mean to say it so much to upset you but because I thought it was the thing to say to someone I love so much. Joseph my son, and Nicole my daughter you are always in my heart and thoughts. Every second of every day. I miss you very much more than I could ever explain.



Dear Joseph and Nicole,

It was so good to see your pictures and see you are both ok. You have grown so much daddy would love to see you in person and talk to you both. I know you look very happy but I also know you would like to see your daddy and Granny and Pa. We all miss you more than anything in the world. I think about you every second of every day and hope to see you. You are both doing so good from what I have been told. I am proud of you both and I know you are the smartest most talented children on the earth. Someday I hope you will call daddy or come see me. Granny and Pa are getting old and would love to see you before they are gone. Your daddy is always here for you if you need anything. I LOVE YOU BOTH WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. Please keep praying for Pa and Granny to feel better. Aunt Julie and Uncle Larry and Aunt Debbie miss you. Everyone I talk to misses you both so much. Daddy will write again to you soon. Bye my handsome son and beautiful daughter. Daddy



Joseph Zachary, Nicole Anastacia My Son and  MyDaughter

Daddy, granny, grandpa and Uncle Larry and Debbie miss you both very much each day that we don't here from you. Someday I hope you see this and remember how much we love you and need you. Your such wonderful children and such a joy to be around. It is very difficult not to know where you are or how ya are. Would you both pray for granny and pa cause they are getting older and sure would love to see you again. Pa is not doing real well but he would feel much better just talking to you, even better seeing you again. Nothing in the world means as much to your daddy as my wonderful handsome son Joseph Zachary and my wonderful beautiful daughter Nicole Anastacia. I miss mommy too. Love you, your daddy



Joseph and Nicole,

You both know that Mommy and Daddy LOVE you both so very much. When Mommy took you, Daddy did not know and I miss you more than anything in the world. You are both very wonderful children. I wish you was here. Granny and Pa are missing you both very much too. If you can call daddy sometime I really want you to. Daddy went to the Christian School and they all miss you both too. Natalya, PLEASE let Joseph and Nicole at least talk to me. I am their father and just because your father was not there for you does not mean that you should take them out of my life and Granny and Pa's lives. I will do anything if you PLEASE let Joseph and Nicole call us. I am very worried if Joseph and Nicole are ok. I know you are a very strong person Natalya. But consider Joseph and Nicoles feelings. Yes they have feelings of their own. Not just your feelings. If you need help in any way, just call me. I want to help. Bye for now Joseph and Nicole. I LOVE YOU BOTH


My wonderful son Joseph and my wonderful daughter Nicole, Daddy and Granny and Grandpa miss you both so very much. Someday we will see each other again. I hope you are both healthy and happy. Daddy still has all your toys and I still have everything mommy left when she took you away. Believe daddy when I say I LOVE YOU BOTH and want to see you or at least talk to you. Every day it is harder not knowing how you are. I hope to see you soon. Love you Joseph and Love you Nicole. Bye, Daddy

Nicole and Joseph, Every minute without you seems like 1 year. You are very wonderful children. We all miss you so so so much. Daddy wants to tell you that I always will love you and
will always want to see you come back. I pray you are safe and happy. I think about you both all the time. Call daddy if you can. Grandma and Grandpa really miss you too Joseph and Nicole. Pa is not feeling real good but he sure wants to see you and hug ya both;


Nicole  and Joseph I want you to know I Love you So Much. It is almost the both your Birthdays and Daddy wants you to know I haven't forgot. Granny and Pa haven't forgot either and we miss you both more than anything in the world.



Nicole and Joseph,

Today I miss you like every day. Some days daddy does pretty good and some days daddy crys because I miss the most Important part of my life. If we could talk and I knew you both wanted me to quit smoking that I would quit as soon as you asked me. But I know that won't happen if you wanted to. I only smoke because I miss you now. I want to quit but without you it doesn't matter anymore. You both mean so much to daddy. I wanted to be able to teach you how not to make the mistakes I have made. It would be so good for pa if he could see you both soon. No one lives forever. I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU soooooooooo much...